Who Have I Become?

I cut all my hair off the other day, and it’s causing a bit of confusion.  My hair had gotten pretty long — at least a few inches longer than the profile picture on the sidebar there.  It was getting to the point where people would inevitably start mistaking me for a woman pretty, as happens whenever my hair gets to a particular length and crosses some mental threshold that people must have in their minds.

Photo 8

Yesterday, I overheard one student talking to another, wondering why Casey Sensei had the day off.  It seemed that he had already realized it was actually me standing at the front of the room, and was recounting the reaction he had when he first saw me.

Chieko, my own wife, didn’t recognize me at first when we met in the grocery store aisle the previous night.

And today, a student came into my class and was all sorts of confused.  Thinking he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he asked me what period it was.  When I showed him his name on my seating chart, assuring him that he was in the right place, and I was indeed his teacher, he nearly gasped.

It’s fun to see people’s reactions, or lack thereof. 

Our garden got thrashed last night with rain and wind.  The sun came out later on but the wind is still howling along.  Our mini-tomatoes were hit worst but I don’t think they were damaged beyond repair.  I was surprised to see one of the corn stalks gone lopsided again (not the one I propped up before).  They’ve gotten quite big and thick, so I thought they could hold up to the wind.  The stalk itself is in good shape, not bent or broken, but the wind caused it to uproot a little bit.  I’ll do some reinforcing this weekend.  I think everything can hang on until then.  It’s going to have to.


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