A Boy and His Corn

Ah, I love Friday nights.  Actually, I love waking up on Friday morning and knowing that it’s the last day of the week.  Lately, the first thing I do in the morning after clicking on the coffee pot is go out and take a groggy lap around the garden and see what, if anything, has gone on during the night.  I have no idea how long it lasts, or what the hell I look like to the neighbors.  I’m certainly not nearly awake yet.  It would be interesting to see on video.  

And lately, the first thing I do when we get home in the evening is to take a lap around the garden.  Since I’ve got my wits about me by that time, relatively speaking, I’ll pull a few weeds or water something, or maybe tie up a tomato plant that’s getting it’s keel on.  A lot more seems to happen to those plants during the day than during the night, though chances are that it’s got something to do with my state of mind.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip through plants tonight.



We’re starting to heat up here.  Japan’s rainy season has started, and temperatures are starting to inch up towards uncomfortable.  The good new is that that’ll probably set off the garden into production mode.  So far we’ve got a few clusters of unripe tomatoes and the beginnings of a bunch of other veggies just barely starting to show themselves.  Even our stunted eggplant is showing signs of catching up to the neighbor’s crop.  

Here’s to a weekend that’ll seem longer than it really is.  Cheers.


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