Eat It With Your Face

Finally, are garden is producing things.  Tonight I clipped our first cucumber, and as soon as my wife gets home we shall consume it together.  We actually harvested a green pepper last weekend, but Japanese green peppers are tiny and not very delicious (why are we growing them?), so I didn’t deem that occasion blog-worthy.  But things are getting serious now.  This is a legit cuke:


On tap for the weekend, I predict several mini-tomatoes will be ripe enough for eating as well.  Our corn is not behind.  

It’s been getting summery hot here this week, with lot of sun, so things are growing noticeably as well.  And since this is Kanazawa, it rains substantially every few days.  So the growing cycle is firing on all cylinders.  But I think it funny that in Japan, it is technically the ‘rainy season.’  I think the rest of the world refers to it as ‘spring,’ because we seem to get about as much rain here this time of year as anywhere else I’ve ever lived.   

But all this is beside the point really because the important thing here is that it’s Friday night once again.  Another week gone in the blink of an eye.  I hope life doesn’t go by this fast forever.  We’ve got some things on the agenda for the next two days but I’m not sure how it’s all going to unfold.  I’ll probably back here at some point over the weekend to document all the excitement.


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