Inokuchi Rocks

When the men of the neighborhood finished cleaning out the drainage gutters on our street a few weeks ago, we scheduled a BBQ for this weekend.  Yesterday was the day.  When I imagined what our block party would look like, I shouldn’t have been so naive to not realize this would be a blue tarp, shoes off, tent-riddled affair.  The official kick off time was 6 p.m., but myself and several other neighbors were well fed and alcohol primed well before that.  



It was really nice to spend the afternoon/evening with people that I see on a pretty regular basis, but still don’t really know.  We’re coming up on living here for a year and still don’t hang out too much with the neighbors.  Despite the presence of several mini dachshunds, the most useless and annoying animal to roam the earth.   If only I could get away with doing the things this cute little girl was doing to that horrible little dog.  Note the death grip she’s got on its head.


Under the tent, it was all food, drink, and conversation that I couldn’t really understand.  Lots of beer, yakitori, some nice Japanese beef, tiny fish and giant scallops.  The general consensus was that I, being American, couldn’t eat anything other than beef.  I proved them wrong on several occasions but I have to say, I did enjoy the Wa-gyu most.



This guy was pretty hilarious.  He lives a few houses down and of all the mini dachshunds roaming the streets I probably hate his the most, but the man himself was very amicable and quite hammered.  


I hit it off pretty well with the neighborhood kids, of which there are many.  The boys enjoyed chasing my frisbee around and chucking their shoes at it, and the girls were pretty curious about speaking English, which was cool.  The evening ended with a romp through the rice paddies looking for fireflies.  I saw two, plus a giant frog which freaked everyone out.

It must have been all the happoshyu laced beer, but by 10 o’clock it was abundantly clear that I needed to be in bed.  Twelve hours of sleep and a bowl of greasy ramen later, I was back to my semi-chipper self.  And now it’s nearly time to get back in bed.  I’ll attempt to cram a few more Kanji into my tired brain though, since I’ve been slacking all weekend.

We have about a month of classes left until our summer vacation, and I’m starting to count the days.  Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend.


4 thoughts on “Inokuchi Rocks

  1. riddled with tents…..tent riddled,,,
    Yeah not the image I had either…..but it
    sounds like it was fun…….happooshuuu


  2. Dude if that first dog is a dauchund, I’m the f-ing president! Looks more like a mini lab/golden. You know dachunds was all I had growing up. Anyway glad you had a good time.

  3. seanus..poo poo is the werd may be right, perhaps it isn’t a dachshund..i tend to lump all small, long, anoying dogs into one group I guess.

    anon..I don’t necessarily hate dogs, and of course my threats of physical harm are tongue in cheek, it just seems to be a running joke in my life that where ever I live I seem to be surrounded by dogs that never stop barking, and in recent years the vast majority of them are dachshunds.

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