Miso Corny

I’m enjoying all of the trial and error lessons I’m learning having a garden for the first time, and I’m keeping mental notes about all sorts of details regarding how we should do things differently next year.  One thing I’ve learned is that our garden, positioned between two houses, is situated in a wind tunnel of sorts.  So when the wind kicks up, as it does frequently, the plants tend to take a beating. 

We’ve woken up to toppled corn several times since the spring, but fortunately the stalks themselves have always been OK.  I propped up the victims and they seem to spring back to attention after a day or two of sun.

But the other night, as the wind was really whipping up, I finally went out into the near dark and tried something new.  The wind is always blowing in the same direction around here, and I still had a few poles in the ground propping up some corn from the previous wind storm, so I jammed my lone remaining pole into the ground at the end of the corn row, and tied all the corn together.  So now regardless of how hard the wind blows, the corn can’t be blown down.

It’s not the ideal solution, and it certainly looks completely ghetto, but it’ll hopefully keep our corn upright for another week or so until it’s ready to eat.  I’ve noticed that the other people growing corn have it bunched together a lot more than we do, and that seems to offer some protection in and of itself.  So next year, more corn.


We got home with some daylight to spare today, so I did some additional tinkering around in the garden.  We’re on the verge of being able to harvest a good amount of several different veggies on a daily basis.  So far it’s been a mini tomato or two one day, a cucumber the next, but nothing really consistent.  After a few days of heavy rain though things are ready to burst.

I felt terrible about it but I had to do a fair amount of spider extermination as well.  They are everywhere, and they are getting bigger by the day.  If I were running a haunted house here it would be perfect, but I value being to move around our yard without taking spiders in the face and get tangled in webs.  Our yard is small to begin with, and the spider webs take up a lot of space.  I’m sure I barely put a dent in them.

The other thing that I need to work on is weeding.  The rain and warm temps have enabled a weed explosion.  Between the weeds and the spiders, this place doesn’t stand a chance.  So, hoping for at least one sunny day this weekend.

Speaking of which, the shining orb made an appearance tonight at just the right time.  


Look for another post this weekend sometime.  We have a baby doctor appointment on Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Miso Corny

  1. Do they grow corn in the ghetto? You should probably make written notes, as well. By next year, you may have forgotten some of your thoughts on the subject. (in my experience)

    1. Yeah I’ve been thinking to keep a journal of what we harvest and when, and I’ll probably start doing that. I really wish I’d kept track of when we put stuff in the ground as well. And I’m sure there’s a ghetto somewhere in the world with a thriving corn crop.

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