Doing the Best We Can

Ah another weekend in the books.  As I was drinking my coffee this morning I found myself really wishing summer vacation wasn’t still a few weeks away.  

Yesterday we had a few friends over to do a bit of July 4th BBQ-ing.  It’s always a challenge here in Japan anytime you want to do something involving meat and bread.  Meat is expensive here, and if you can find a proper hamburger bun anywhere, you’re a better person than I.  But in the end it worked out beautifully and we had all the components of a proper fourth of July — burgers, beer, and sparklers.

Fourth of July in Japan: BBQ-ing with chopsticks, hamburgers on bread, and a $10 six pack of Budweiser.


The more exciting news of the weekend though came at our monthly check-up yesterday.  Despite previous photographic evidence, the doctor tells us we’re having a boy!  I was actually hoping a bit for a girl, but having a son will be equally as cool.  Aside from that surprise, the visit was a bit disappointing.  We didn’t get to see the 3D version of the ultrasound, and the pictures the doctor gave us are not very interesting — one of the spine, and one of the head which is difficult to interpret.  But the important thing is that so far the baby is doing healthy, which is all that really matters.

OK, time to get back to this Wimbledon final.  Enjoy whatever’s left of your weekend.


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