I’ve lamented Japan’s lack of furniture at times.  The novelty of sitting on the floor lasts until your legs cramp up  or fall asleep and find yourself continuously shifting positions in a constant state of pins and needles.  That said, they are onto something special in that you can, and it’s perfectly acceptable in my experience, simply keel over onto the floor and pass out when you’re done eating.  That is gratification.

We actually have an abundance of furniture in our house, but I find myself often stretching out on the floor and momentarily slipping in and out of consciousness.  The tatami floor is very nice for this.  I’ve just awoken from a post-dinner doze on the floor of our living room, which has spawned this rambling.  I’m still gathering my wits but I don’t want to get too tight a grip.  I’ve got notions of this being an early night, after a long, hot day, so I don’t want to get too awake.

The reason for this post is to show our biggest daily harvest from the garden thus far.  It isn’t that much, but it’s the most variety we’ve seen.  That is a beast of a cucumber, by Japanese standards. (And I’m officially documenting things now Patty)


The heat is on here it seems.  I’ve been holding out valiantly and not using my air conditioner at work yet this summer, but I fear I may be buckling pretty soon if I can’t at least get a breeze going.  I’m trying to wait until it gets really, justifiably hot and humid here before I get my A/C dependance going, but as I sat sweating and sticking to my desk this afternoon, lethargic and sleepy because of the heat, I nearly pushed that button.  In reality it’s not all that hot outside, but my office is such an unventilated shoebox that it tends to trap the heat.

Wow, that seems so boring.

Here’s a nice picture of the rice I took this evening while we were walking to the grocery store.  It’s more interesting than me.  Stare at it.



3 thoughts on “Production

    1. Thanks Patty. They tasted pretty good, but part of it was knowing that I grew them myself. In reality, they were probably pretty average.

  1. My self sufficient friend…..Your veggies look yummyyyyyyyy…….

    The passage about the summer heat was not lost on me dude….I get it…

    But I’m using my workplace’s electricity to keep me chhilleddd……werds

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