Just Add Water

It’s been raining hard here all week, and with all the muddy water running through the canals the place has taken a on a bit of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feel.  


And with the all the rain Kanazawa has also suddenly taken the total plunge into summer.  Humidity is rocketing up (though the rain is also keeping things tolerably cool), frogs are singing along with all kinds of other insects that weren’t around last week, and the king of them all, the cicadas have hatched.

While the rain and near gale force winds are taking it’s toll on our garden, it is one of my favorite soundtracks to fall asleep at night.  The wind has also allowed us avoid using the a/c so far, which is a good thing.

I’m hoping for at least one day of non wind and rain this weekend so I can secure our tomato plants, if they haven’t blown away by then.  We’ll see how that goes.

One more day.


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