Like That

All mornings should like yesterday morning.  Chieko and I lounged in the tatami room, the Sox on the computer, guitar within arms reach, coffee, a summer breeze blowing through the slider, the whole weekend ahead of us.  Perfection.


It was a nice weekend all around.  Friday night was spontaneously awesome.  Chieko and I were returning from our walk to the supermarket when our neighbors urged us to partake in the yakitori they were BBQ-ing up in front their house.  That turned into three hours of eating, drinking, and chatting.

Yesterday afternoon I had a Japanese class here at the house, then worked in the garden for a while.  The veggies took a beating this week with all the rain and some very strong wind.  Our cucumber plants either got hit particularly hard or contracted some sort of disease, because they’re on the verge of kicking the bucket.  I trimmed off all the sick/dead looking leaves and withering baby cukes, which left the plants looking pretty sparse.  They are still flowering and producing some little cucumbers though, and I spread some fertilizer today, so I’m holding out hope.  

The other big job was untangling our mini tomato plants and rearranging some poles to try and get them to grow in a more orderly fashion.  There are about 100 green tomatoes on the two plants, so we should be eating well pretty soon.

Last night I joined a few friends to catch my friend/chiropractor Hiro’s live concert.  It was really small, and he sings J-pop songs that I neither particularly like nor understand, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  He’s a really low key guy generally but is very emotive when he’s on stage.  

Today was slower paced, but that’s what Sunday’s are for.  I generally reserve my fast food binges for times when I have a bad hangover and need grease to sooth my stomach, but today I made an exception.  I recently learned that there is a Wendy’s in the area, which is a big deal given Kanazawa’s relative boon-docky location.  So Chieko and I hopped in the car and head out to a gigantic mall about 25 minutes away, and set about feasting on bacon cheese burgers and chili-cheese fries.  It was quite fulfilling, and I won’t do it again for a while.

And now it’s Sunday night.  Mentally, I’m charging full speed toward the end of the semester in about two weeks, and my sights are set on summer vacation.  This makes me pretty upbeat and optimistic, despite the fact that yet another weekend has flown by, and it’s back to work tomorrow.

Time to cram a little more Japanese into my brain before bed.  Good night.


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