Sweat It Out

Tuesdays are always a bit rough, and today was no exception.  I have a lot of classes, most of them back to back, and today I had a few disappointing students that kind of got under my skin.  In addition, I’m still for some unknown reason refusing to use the air conditioner in my office, despite temps in the high 80’s.  It’s become some sort of contest for me with no real reward.  But I’m starting to stick to things in my office, and any students who come in instantly start sweating all over my stuff, which is gross.  I’m somewhat acclimated I guess, but they can’t handle it.  

On the way home, despite the fact that the day was behind me and the rest of the week is very easy to digest work wise, I started letting some of the days events get under my skin.  What a total waste of energy.  After we got home I promptly grabbed my camera and jumped on the bike for a therapeutic ride out into the rice paddies.  Soothing.


Aside from the private vegetable gardens interspersed all over the place, the major crop around here is of course rice.  But there are a a few edamame fields growing as well.  We have a couple of edamame plants going in our garden too but, like our cucumbers, their future is very much in limbo.  They got pretty battered by last week’s wind and rain and while they appear to be surviving, they have no leaves left.  


The cucumbers haven’t changed much, so I still can’t tell if they are dying or not.  There are a few weary cucumbers attempting to grow but they don’t look very healthy, or delicious. The other potential casualty is our pumpkin (Japanese call it pumpkin but it looks like squash to me).  It’s got one good sized fruit growing but the other two that were budding have gone rotten.  The leaves at the out extremity are green, but the ones towards the root are dead/dying looking.  So time will tell.  I think we’ll take a trip to the home center this weekend to see what they are still selling.  We’ve eaten all our corn, and our second pumpkin did indeed die, so we’ve got some space in the garden opening up.

For some reason, despite the heat and humidity, tomato soup for dinner seemed like a good idea.  It was delicious, but made me very hot.  And so I’ve had my first cold shower of the summer, and even though I’m on an anti A/C crusade at work, we’re enjoying it here in the living room.  And on that note, I shall zone the hell out now.  Good night.


2 thoughts on “Sweat It Out

  1. Yeah, life really sucks sometimes. Since you’re in Japan, you have to cultivate that Zen attitude and let it go… gardening is good and biking.

    Around here, it is still not too late to plant squash or pumpkins again, but I don’t know about your climate. When is the first frost? Maybe lettuce or spinach…

  2. Thanks for the reassurance Patty. I manage to maintain a Zen-like state most of the time (except when I’m driving), but I am human.

    I went to the home center today and they aren’t selling much. Some cukes, eggplant (which we already have a bunch of), and some leafy thing that I couldn’t identify given my borderline illiteracy in Japanese and my limited botanical knowledge. We’ve still got a bunch of hot weather ahead of us though so I’ll check some other places and we’ll find something to fill up the empty space.

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