Variations On A Theme

Good things seem to happen out in the rice fields.  A very atmospherically pleasing situation this evening on my way to the groceria.


Kanazawa shot up in to the 90’s today and I managed to survive yet another day without A/C.  Without the sturdy wind we had gusting all day though, I would’ve had to hit the switch.  Dinner time.


2 thoughts on “Variations On A Theme

  1. Holy Shit that’s gorgeous! I’m so so so appreciative of your blog. More so now that I’m not there. Keep up the amazing stuff, and tell Chieko I say hi!

  2. Thanks Katya. Your comment reminds me that I need to reply to the email you sent last week. We haven’t had any real kickass sunsets recently, so we were due. I’ll pass along your message.

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