Just A Little Bit Longer

That’s the mantra of my life right now, as we inch our way towards summer vacation in two more weeks, and more immediately towards the upcoming three day weekend.  It also applies to how long there will be snow up on top of Hakusan.  It’s getting pretty sparse.


It was pretty stormy this evening coming home from work, and quite humid, so I was surprised to see that the mountain was so visible.  It’s as close as it looks, but we generally lose sight of it if there’s any haze at all.  It didn’t seem like we got much snow this winter, but here we are in the middle of July and there’s still a bit left up high.

We had our largest harvest of the summer so far from our garden, large being a very relative term: two eggplants, 11 mini tomatoes, 4 big tomatoes, 1 banged up cucumber, a little lettuce and some basil.  Yum.

Tomorrow’s Friday.


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