This Would Do

I’m up late, for the second night in a row, trapped watching the British Open.  This time, I’ve got a stockile of Budweiser as a show of solidarity for my countryman Tom Watson.  I’m probably not the only one caught up in routing for him to win.  Fortunately we have the day off tomorrow, so I can drink Bud and watch golf until the cows come home.

I had the rare crappy night’s sleep last night, but I did eventually fall asleep.  And then, once I dragged myself out of bed and got functioning, Chieko and I took a drive.  Ostensibly, we were driving out to the beach.  But rather than take our usual route along the river, we got sidetracked into the mountains and wandered around for awhile, eventually making it to the beach as an afterthought.

I have this image of my head, should I live in Japan forever, that I’ll end up in some place like this — a nice house at the end of a valley, backed up by a forest and maybe a mountain, some rice paddies sprawling out in front.  


The building in the picture is a charcoal making operation.  Not part of my vision, but the location is pretty mint.

One of the things I love about living here in Ishikawa is that it’s so easy to stumble upon places like this.  There are so many clusters of houses that pass for towns, tucked into nooks and crannies between mountains or at the end of valleys.  They are perfect really — far enough away from town to see the stars, but close enough to get to a school or a supermarket without too much trouble.  

I was hoping to take bunch of pictures today and make a post expanding on this idea, of how easy it is to get off the beaten path, so to speak, here in Japan.  We saw a lot of cool stuff that we hadn’t discovered before: waterfalls, rolling fields up in the mountains, cool little towns, a giant Buddah.  But alas, I should have checked my battery before we embarked on our drive.  The only pic I had the juice to take is one above.  Going to have to retrace our steps one of these days.

Go Tom Watson!!


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