Friday, I’m Yours

Everything in moderation.  


Chieko and I usually have a good vent about the day’s frustrations on our drive home each evening.  The transition from urban blight to relative countryside, work to home, is naturally calming.  But sometimes I have to make a very conscious effort to switch off the angst once we pull into the driveway.  Especially now that we are so close to vacation, and my tolerance of all the idiosyncrasies associated with my job is waning.  

I really enjoy working with my wife.  We don’t see each other all that much during the day, but it’s nice to be able to pop into her office now and then and see her and/or her air conditioner (I still haven’t caved in to my own) now and then.  It will be pretty weird this fall, when she’ll be on maternity leave, to have someone else occupying her office.

Her belly is starting to get pretty big and pregnant looking, and we have our next doctor’s appointment next weekend.  Hopefully it will be more fulfilling, ultrasound wise, than our last one.  The baby is also moving more, though pretty sporadically, so I haven’t been able to feel it that much.  We’re starting to talk about names a little bit now that we are pretty sure it’s a boy.  We keep coming back to the name Ray, which Chieko mentioned liking before she ever got pregnant.  The name is pretty appropriate; both of my grandfathers were named Raymond, and it’s my middle name.  So Ray is a pretty cool tribute, and at the same time somewhat original.  It also translates to Kanji (Chinese characters), and has the crucial attribute of being easy to say for both our Japanese and American family members.  So since we both like the name, our search for other options is pretty half assed.

We’re heading to Niigata in the morning to help Chieko’s parents with the watermelon harvest.  In the past, we’ve been able to go for a week or so during the peak of the harvest.  But our new schedule at work doesn’t allow that, so I want to go for a weekend at least.  Her parents are just starting to harvest on Sunday, so I won’t be able to help that much, but better than nothing I suppose.  We’ll head back the week after next to help clean up the fields, which will probably have been fully picked by then.

So stay tuned for some Japanese countryside, watermelonly pictures in the next few days.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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