Monday was my last day of work, and I’ve had a productive two days of vacation so far.  Chieko is still finishing up some odds and ends, part of which is cleaning out her office since she’ll be on maternity leave when classes start back up at the end of September.  So while she was toiling away at work yesterday, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, almost.  I still need to confront the shower room with some powerful, lung burning, mold killing spray.  Not that the place is covered in mold, but it’s in need of a heavy duty scrub.

Today I took my one man tidying up operation outside and put a sizable dent in the weeds that have been taking over the place.  It’s been rainy lately on the weekends, which is when I usually do yard maintanance stuff, so I’ve fallen behind.  I have a few hours more work tomorrow but after that we’ll be looking good.  I love having both a clean house and a well weeded yard.  My soul is at peace.

Here’s a shot of the area behind our house; I hesitate to call it a yard.  In the house of my dreams, having a yard made of dirt is not part of the layout.  That said, weedless, well raked dirt is pretty damn fine looking.  I appreciate the privacy that giant hedge provides, but it takes up so much damn space, and harbors so many damn spiders, I would have gone with a fence with some ivy if I had built this place.


This is tomorrow’s task — the strawberries, which are matched plant for plant by weeds.  Come fall, I’m taking the hatchet to these things and culling the herd by at least half, maybe 75%.  There are way too many strawberry plants, way too close together.  They weren’t even that good. 


The garden is pumping out a steady supply of eggplant, tomatoes, and green peppers.  And surprise, surprise, look what we got today:


Against all odds and no help from me, the cucumber plants are slowly making a comeback.  I’m curious to see if this one tastes any good.  The plants seem to slowly be getting stronger and producing larger and larger cukes.  This is the first one that’s gotten big enough to eat in about a month.  

So that’s all the excitement from my neck of the woods.  I probably spent a little too much time in the sun today and am a bit zapped.  Water and sleep.


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