A Beautiful Thing

A bird’s eye view of a newly weedless garden.  I spent the bulk of the day outside, a wonderful thing in an of itself, finishing up weeding and then pruning the tomatoes and reinforcing my shoddy trellace system.  I also transplanted some basil that was getting crowded out in the planter, so we’ll see how that does.

A run down of the garden:

First row (closest to the house, left to right) — eggplant, tomatoes

Middle row — green pepper, and the void that was corn

Last row — what’s left of the Japanese pumpkin (aka squash).  One plant died, the remaining one produced one fruit before I snipped off the the dying tentacles.  But it’s sprouting some new green now, so I’m hopeful.  After that is a habanero plant, a couple mini tomato plants, to red pepper (as in hot red pepper) plants, and okra bush for Chieko.  

In the planters to the right are sunflowers in one, and basil and cilantro in the other, wish some shiso growing behind them.  Against the house you can catch a glimpse of the cucumber plants.  And lining the back and side walls of the yard are of course, the bane of my existence, strawberry plants.  


We’re off to Niigata tomorrow, where I will leave my wife until Wednesday.  In return, I’ll receive a tall Australian man who will return to Kanazawa with me, where we’ll enjoy drink beer, eat meat, play guitars and video games, and other manly enterprises.  And for that reason, this place might be quiet for a little while.  Or not.


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