Saturday Drive

I was in the mood for some wine this evening, so I went to the local supermarket to roll the dice with one of the 3 $10 bottles of red wine they stock.  I rolled wrong — this stuff is horrible.  The debate is whether to choke it down and get my money’s worth, or keep my dignity, pour it down the drain, and drink the beer I have in my fridge.  I’m hoping it gets better the more I drink.

Today was a pretty productive day even though I didn’t get out and about until deep into the afternoon.  Just as I was about to throw in the towel on the Red Sox they pulled off a comeback.  After that, I continued my repentance from the hard living that this week entailed and went for a good long run.  Then I caught some of the Koshien baseball tournament, which is an annual high school baseball tournament.  You’ve probably seen pictures of Japanese high school baseball players weeping and/or stuffing dirt from the field into little bags — they just got knocked out of the tournament.  It’s pretty exciting.

My sights were set on taking a drive out into the countryside though.  I was reading a photo-blog called Photo Sushi, by a photographer here in Kanazawa.  There are some really nice pictures on his site, one of which was from a spot in the mountains somewhere outside of town.  I was intrigued by the picture and wanted to try and track down the area where the photographer took it.  So after some Google mapping, Chieko and I jumped in the car and struck out in the general direction of the place we were looking for, not too concerned whether we actually got there.

We did get there, and saw some beautiful mountains/countryside scenery along the way.  I love the fact that living where we do, and in Kanazawa in general, you can drive for 20 minutes in pretty much any direction, and you either literally drive into the ocean, or you’ll end up in the middle of the mountains.  I took a butt load of pictures but most were a bit too dark.  The upside is that I finally got into tweaking the white balance levels (if that means anything to you), so I hope doing that in the future will get me some more satisfying pictures.  I was able to snag a few good pictures though, so here you go, in complete reverse order of our drive.








5 thoughts on “Saturday Drive

  1. beautiful! And I was just saying how they don’t have forested areas in other parts of the world like they do in the US! but i guess I was wrong.

  2. It is pretty, but unfortunately most of it is non-native cedar. I’m not sure how it got that way, I suppose over-foresting, but I agree it is nice to look at.

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