Lazy Days

Lazy in the sense that I have no obligations to do anything; I’ve actually been quite active.  I had some work related things to get done that were looming over me, but I spent the past two days hammering them out, and now I’m free to enjoy the remaining 10 or so days of my vacation in complete mental peace.  

We had our visit to the baby doctor the other day and all is well, both with the baby and Chieko.  The doctor still couldn’t tell if it’s  boy or girl, though he said that  since he told us it was a boy before, that’s probably what it is (there must have been some convincing evidence on the ultrasound before, though he can’t remember it specifically).

Today I woke up around 7:00 to take out the garbage, at long last.  Our neighborhood garbage days (every neighborhood I’ve lived in has had town collected garbage) are Monday and Thursday.  This past Monday neither Chieko nor I could make it out of bed in time to bring our trash to the garbage station (collected at some ridiculous when your not working and don’t have kids yet time like 7:20 a.m.), and last Thursday we were away.  So we had several bags of week old garbage, plus a few bags full of weeds and other garden trimmings, that we were desperate to get rid of.

Deciding to stay up, I brewed some coffee and spent the morning dozing in and out on the couch while watching the Red Sox game.  After that, it was down to the beach.  I haven’t flown my big gay kite in a while, and there’s a good breeze today, so it was an obvious option on such a nice sunny day.  I probably looked stupid trying to take a picture with my DSLR camera while attempting to keep the kite in the air at the same time, but I managed to get at least one non-blurry picture.


I took a dip in the water and then headed back home, and the scene below caught my attention.  So after some lunch I hopped on my bike and road over to take some pictures.  It was a strikingly mid-western atmosphere, John Deere tractor and all (minus the mini trucks and rice fields, of course).


I continued on with the bike ride and found myself in the middle of a bunch of green houses.  Most had nothing growing in them, but some had what appeared to be lettuce, or some other green, leafy vegetable.  I think they are about to plant a fall crop of something around here because a lot of the fields are freshly tilled, and whatever was growing in some of the green houses looked pretty young.  





And so I’m back home, slightly sunburned, enjoying a nice (and strong) Belgian beer, shirtless, still salty and in my bathing suit.  Vacation is good.  Summer is better.  

I leave you with a very nice looking rice field (in my estimation).



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