It’s hard to say fall is in the air when the days are still perfectly warm and summery, and I spend afternoons on the beach and among the waves, but fall is definitely in the air.  There’s something about the cool, comfortable nights, and the hot but comfortable and dry days, and the fact that the ‘fall’ semester is about to start at school, are all combining to signal change is underway.

But I’m still clinging to summer/vacation, so I spent a few hours in the sand this afternoon catching up on my pre-fatherhood reading.  The book I’m (sort of) reading goes through the pregnancy month by month, and I was a month or two behind schedule.  I think I’m roughly caught up to where Chieko is now.  I don’t know, I keep waiting to get steamrolled by the reality of the fact that I’m about to become a father, but it hasn’t happened so far.  I’ll be sure to chronicle it all here if and when I do freak out!


When I got home from the beach all the old people who maintain the garden behind our house were burning down the neighborhood.  Another sign that fall is imminent is the prepping of all the gardens for the fall crop.  


They’ve had tractors and roto-tillers going at absurd hours of the morning all week getting beds ready, and today they were all about fire.  My preparations have been far more modest.  I’m not going to go too crazy with fall veggies, just broccoli, onions, and a buttload of garlic.  I cleaned up a few beds the other day and tilled them by hand, added some nice compost from Chieko’s parents, and sprinkled some lime on top.  I’ll put some things in the ground in the next week or two.  I bought onion seeds, but I’m not sure if that’s the best way to go or not.  I want red onions, and they only sell bulbs for normal, white onions at the place I went.  I’ll take advice on growing onions from anyone who has some.

So that’s about it from here.  Chieko arrived back home from Tokyo without incident, and is currently passed out on the floor in the tatami room.  She had a busy two days for a pregnant lady.  I’m OK though, in case you were concerned.


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