Ride, Ride, Ride

I took a nice long bike ride this afternoon on the levee road that runs, naturally, along the river.  I had notions of making it all the way out to the ocean, but when I started feeling rain drops I shifted into the lowest of my 3 gears and high tailed it back towards home.  I only took a few pictures along the way.  There were a lot of guys down in the river fishing with their mega-long fishing rods, but I didn’t get any pics of them.  



Aside from getting a bit of exercise, the main thing I took from today’s ride was the realization that I really NEED a remote controlled, tank like, police light equipped lawn mower.  Chieko balked when I mentioned getting a weed whacker, so I’m not sure how this will go over.  I really should have gotten more close up pics of this beast, as well as its operator, but I was a bit self conscious about getting too close.


And speaking of my lovely wife, today is her birthday.  We had an amazing dinner this evening, followed by a nice walk around the rice paddies.  Happy birthday baby.  The rest of you, enjoy the weekend.


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