Hustle and Bustle

I made a rare venture into the metropolis that is downtown Kanazawa today to meet up with some friends and spend some time enjoying beer, frisbee, guitars, and sun in city’s parks.  Bless you Japan, and your complete acceptance of public consumption of alcohol.  The only downside was when a slightly batty old lady came over to make sure we were going to clean up our beer cans and other debris, and in so doing squat down and wholly unnecessarily exposed all that I could have died happily without seeing.

 After a while we made our way down to the river.  When we got there I noticed a group of high school kids on the opposite bank lounging in the evening sun.  My singing and strumming were apparently loud enough for them to hear, because they made their way over to our side and were not shy about coming in for a listen.  It was pretty cool, even though they had no idea what I was saying.


Sadly, there’s no denying or delaying the fact that my summer vacation is pretty much over.  I’ve got one last day tomorrow to sleep in, enjoy the Red Sox, tinker in the yard, and do whatever else strikes my fancy without the prospect of work looming over me.  I should probably wash the car, too.


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