Damn, had I been able to anticipate this post, I would have save the title of yesterday’s post.  It would’ve been perfect.

While it continued to rain throughout the night, with occasional rumbles of thunder, today was a spectacular fall day.  I decided a leisurely drive down to the beach was in order, and left the house a bit before noon.

As I was walking across the beach to watch a few surfers, something caught my eye.  ‘Is that a bowling pin?’ I asked myself.  Upon approach, I knelt down to take a closer look and read what was written on the side of this odd bit of debris.

Perhaps, like me, you have never heard of a company called Tenga (if you have you’re a pervert).  I’ll give you the pleasure of blowing up that picture and reading all the sultry details for yourself, but suffice to say that bowling pins don’t have phrases like ‘deep throat cup’ and ‘special soft edition’ written on them.  Gross.

Picture 029

I’ve seen a lot of random crap washed up on the shores of Kanazawa, all manner of fruits and vegetables, more fishing gear than you could shake a stick at, clothes, helmets, the list goes on.  And now I can add fake vagina/oral sex simulator/whatever the hell the technical name for these things is.

In the name of science, I paid a visit to Tenga’s website to confirm my suspicions.  They are confirmed.

Aside from getting the horrible image of this tattered device out of my mind, the beach was wonderful.  The rest of the day was chill, and we’re back at it tomorrow for the final press of summer classes.  We’ll have our first visit with the new doctor on Wednesday, so I think Chieko and I are both looking forward to that.  Otherwise, business as usual around here.

Watch your step, people.


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