A Lull in the Action

With a flurry of test correcting and grade uploading, the hectic summer session came to an end yesterday.  I have to pop into work to do a few little things, and to help Chieko pack up her office since someone else will be using it while she’s on maternity leave, but I’m taking my time getting there today.

For the past month or so, there’s been a little spider living atop on the poles that support our green pepper plants.  It weaves it’s web between two of the poles, is can always be found perched one of them.  I took a few pics of him/her today, since the nights are getting pretty chilly lately and I doubt the little dude will be around much longer.  He/She did take a little lunge at me when I got a little too close, but otherwise was cooperative with the photo shoot.  


Another denizen of the garden is this little frog. There are quite a few of them actually, but they seem to congregate on the okra plant.  I don’t remember seeing many of them last year, when we didn’t have a garden.  But now that we have lots of leafy plants for them to lounge in, they have come in droves.


As I mentioned before, most of the plants are slowly shutting down and not producing much.  We are still getting a lot of nice mini tomatoes though, and the worms that were plaguing them a few weeks ago seem to have vacated.  I have found a few giant yellow caterpillars though, which I have killed and fed to the ants that live in our yard.  They are eating well.  I’ll have to get a picture if any more turn up, because they are quite beautiful.  I feel bad about killing them but I don’t want them taking what little is left in our garden.

The habaneros are popping like crazy, so we are trying to dry them out.  I looked around online for the best method of doing this, and of course everyone recommends using a dehydrator.  We don’t have one, and I don’t feel like buying one because I don’t think we’d use it that much, so air drying is what we’ve opted for.  I gather that this is a bit of tricky proposition because habaneros have thick skins which are prone to getting moldy.  But the humidity is really low here right now, so I think we might be able to pull it off before it gets too damp and cold here.  The string of bright orange peppers is a nice decoration at any rate. (Excuse the messy sunroom.)


We had our first visit with the new doctor the day before yesterday, and we definitely made the right decision in leaving our old doctor.  The new doctor spent a lot of time with us on the ultrasound, jiggling Chieko’s belly to try and get the baby to move into a more photogenic position for the 3D picture.  He also explained everything we were looking at, and was just a lot more personable than the old doctor.  I don’t necessarily regret that we haven’t used this new doctor from the beginning, because until recently we weren’t unsatisfied with the previous one.  But it would have been nice to have had this treatment all along.  Chieko also got a 20 minute foot massage/soak in hot water before we went in to see the doctor — a nice touch.  While she was soaking, I sat in the room with her and watched Tom and Jerry in Japanese on the TV that was there.  I haven’t watched that show in years.  Oh by the way, we are officially having a boy.  The evidence was undeniable.

This morning we went and looked at a couple of daycare centers.  Our tentative plan is that Chieko will start working again next spring, so we’ll need some place to leave our little boy during the day.  The places we looked at were very close to school, but we learned that they give priority to people who live in that town, which we don’t.  We would have to go to the city hall and go through some rigmarole to try and get into a daycare center that isn’t in our town.  So we’ll look around for some places that are closer to home and see if we can’t line something up there.  

Chieko is probably going to take the train up to Niigata on Sunday, and I’ll drive up on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’ve got next week off before fall classes start up again the week after.  Chieko is officially done, and I’m slightly envious.

So there you have it, all that’s going on in my life.


One thought on “A Lull in the Action

  1. I’m glad you are pleased with the new doctor. I sure think a foot massage is a great perk! Thanks for the updates. Our spiders can’t keep up with our grasshoppers, but we appreciate having them. we have bats too, but the insects still win a lot of the time.

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