Back In the Hauzen

The rare non-picture post.

We made it back to Kanazawa tonight with just enough daylight to pick the newly ripened habenaros, tomatoes, okra, and one lonely eggplant.  It was also light enough to see that two of our basil plants had gone to seed and the rest had wilted in the sun over the last few days.  Damn!  I chopped off the seeded parts, sprayed the bejesus out of the dried up plants, and crossed my fingers.  I’m hoping to keep the basil going in the sunroom throughout the winter, though I’m not sure if that’s possible or not.  It smelled amazing though.

We brought all sorts of things home with us: sweet potatoes, onions, chestnuts, some rooty things that I don’t know how to describe, and a planter of homegrown Iguchi strawberries.  I’d like to rip out most of the degenerate strawberries that are growing in our yard to both free up some space and replenish with yummy strawberry plants.  We also brought back a few bags of potent manure that will help our garden, but left a nice stink in our car.  Our soil is basically sand, so we can use all the help we can get, stinky car be damned.

What we didn’t bring back with us was a bunch of important work stuff that I never got around to doing in Niigata, and have a meeting about on Monday.  I remember telling myself that I should just pack it in my suitcase so I wouldn’t forget it.  I didn’t pack it, and then I forgot it.  We made some semi-frantic phone calls and everything should be OK, but lesson learned.

Looking forward to hitting they gym tomorrow after a good dose of yard work.  I worked hard the last few days, but also ate and drank a lot.  One more day of pseudo vacation before it’s back the normal grind.  Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.


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