Well this is truly a rare event.  After some major cajoling, Chieko has given me permission to post a picture of her.  So in case you were wondering what she’s looking like these days, at 33 weeks pregnant, here you go.


We just took a long walk after dinner, over to a daycare center that we are going to look at during the daylight hours tomorrow.  It’s very close to the house and on the way to work — two good things.  In the afternoon we’re going in to see the baby doctor for our two week checkup.  It will be our second visit with the new doctor.

I started up teaching the fall semester today.  I had four classes and they all went well, and I’m feeling energized and motivated after the summer vacation.  Hopefully I can ride the wave until February, when we have our next long chunk of time off.  I have a feeling it could be busy, stressful, sleepless few months between now and then though.

That’s about it from here.


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