And the Beat Goes On

I’m celebrating my 31st birthday today.  Thanks to everyone who’s wished me a happy one either in person or via the internet.  It was a great day once I finally rolled out of bed quite late this morning, very nearly this afternoon.

I went out with some friends last night to sing karaoke.  The night ended sometime around 2 a.m., when Chieko came to pick me up.  On a whim we took a drive down to the beach.  The moon was nearly full (or completely?), and just as we were about to get home we detoured out to ocean.  I recall thinking, 20 or so minutes into the drive, that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.  I was full of beer and sleepiness, and the notion that I could have already been warm in bed did not escape my weakened mind.  But we made it, and it was beautiful; more than light enough to see the waves curling over and crashing into the shore.  If I’d had my wits about me and my tripod, it would’ve made for some good picture taking.  Next time.  I passed out shortly into our drive home, only to wake up to Chieko being lost, having taken a wrong turn somewhere.

The place we sang last night is a giant entertainment complex where you can partake in a number of pleasurable diversions, including but not limited to fishing, soccer, bowling, and all kinds of video games.  For some reason, at the karaoke counter, they were giving away bowling balls (one per group).  Nobody was jumping on the offer, so I said I’d take it.  One of the employees then took me up to the bowling area where he measured my fingers and the span of my hand, I chose which color I wanted, and then they custom made a ball for me.  They even delivered it to our karaoke room when it was finished.  I rarely go bowling, but I’ll be packing my own heat the next time I do.


By the way I took that picture with a new camera lens I picked up last week.  It’s a super cheap-o 50mm fixed lens that will be great for taking pictures of little babies.  I would’ve loved to opt for the higher quality lens, but couldn’t justify spending nearly four times as much for it.  Still trying to get the hang of using it though.

When I came down to the kitchen a little while ago, this bastard was sitting on the wall.


There’s no scale in that picture, but it’s about 2 inches long.  It’s worth blowing that picture up, in my opinion.  Of all the critters that we get in the house, we find these most often.  I often find them dead on the floor somewhere, and wonder how they die, since I can never recall stepping on them.  Not the most hideous thing in the world, but not something I particularly want running around under my covers.  That hasn’t happened yet, but it seems inevitable.

Oh by the way, I got approached at the gym today about a job as a fake priest for Japanese weddings.  I’m oddly intrigued and kind of pumped up to do it (the money is great), but I don’t think it’s going to work out.  Shame.

Well, it’s way past my bed time.  Back to work tomorrow, but next weekend is three days.  Happy birthday to me.


8 thoughts on “And the Beat Goes On

  1. Happy birthday, Casey, I thought of you all day. Baby is adorable of course and Chieko looks great! You were sure a cute baby yourself, seems like yesterday….

  2. Happy Birthday Casey!

    I’m totally jealous of the bowling ball.

    I used to get those bugs in my apt. all the time. they totally freaked me out.

    Chieko looks awesome. How much longer?

    big hugs from afar -s.

  3. thanks sheryl…you can use my bowling ball next time you’re in kanazawa…chieko’s due 11/15 or so…excitement! by the way my aunt and cousin are in madrid right now…my cousin working for some play that’s in town, and my aunt is visiting her…

    1. really?

      how long will your cousin be here in madrid? if they want/need a fellow american for a beer or coffee — feel free to send them my email or facebook.

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