Circle the Wagons

We’re on the eve of getting some pretty intense typhoon action here in Kanazawa.  The storm is currently lashing southern Japan.  They don’t name the storms here, so this one is known simply as Number 18.  It will cross through southern Japan and up Honshu, the main island.  I’m thinking it’ll lose a lot of its strength by the time it reaches us, but the forecast is calling for lots and lots of rain, and probably a good deal of wind.  Waves are supposed to be quite mammoth as well, so I’m hoping to squeeze in a trip to the beach at some point tomorrow.

Already today, the skies were threatening.  I’m not sure if this was due to the typhoon, or just a windy, dark day here in Kanazawa (not at all out of the ordinary).


I made some minimal preparations, moving our planters of herbs and one of strawberries into the sun room so they don’t get hammered by the rain.  I’m a bit worried that our garlic and onions that are in the ground, and sensitive to too much water, might not fare too well though.  It has already started raining here, but the weather report predicted the storm will pass over us around 3 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday).  I love crazy, intense weather, so I’m pretty excited about this storm, especially since it probably won’t be too hectic here.  That said, the southern parts of Japan will probably see some extensive damage from flooding and wind, so hopefully everyone there will be OK.

Other than that, nothing too interesting going on in my life.  Perhaps some stormy photos tomorrow?


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