Waiting On Nothing…

Ugh…the typhoon was a bust yesterday, which was a good thing since that meant limited damage to humans and their property, though I was let down by the lack of mother nature fierceness.

Today was the first game of the American League divisional playoffs, featuring my beloved Red Sox.  I dutifully avoided all websites which could have possibly offered a hint as to the outcome of the game, warned friends who like baseball not to mention any results of the game to me, and recorded it using the Slingbox.  It was a long day, at the end of which, during a meeting an older Japanese professor attempted to mention the game to me.  He’s a fan of the Yankees (vomit), but more a fan of Japanese players in MLB.  I immediately blocked out everything else he was saying regarding the game and told him I hadn’t seen it yet.

Traffic was naturally unnaturally heavy as I beat my way home on a Friday night, desperate to crack a beer and watch baseball.

And for this?


Better luck tomorrow Red Sox.


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