Baby Dreams Vol. 5

Wow, it’s been a long time since I had any dreams about our baby.  When I started this series of blog posts on my old blog, I was having them practically every night and they were weird.  But last night I finally had another one.

In this baby dream, our son had been born and he was a day or so old.  Even though he was so young, he was still making sounds that were like muffled, baby-fied versions of Japanese words.  He also had big, black, shiny eyes like a manga character.  I was very excited and was showing him around to everyone, to my mom using video chat on the computer, and anyone else I could find.  We were in a house but it wasn’t the one we live in now, and not one I can recall ever seeing.

And then, I couldn’t find the baby.  Chieko was busy cooking or doing something in the house, so she didn’t know where he was.  I was looking all over for him, in cars, around the house, inside and outside.  At one point I was looking for him in the room my mother was in (in America) while we were video chatting; it was weird.

I never did find him before I woke up.

In real life, the baby is moving a ton now, and not just kicking.  We can actually see him moving, as if he’s stretching out and running his fist or his heel along Chiek0’s abdomen.  All I can think of is the movie Alien.

We have a three day weekend and are off to Niigata in a few hours.  Catch you all on the other side.


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