The Rundown

On a Friday night, this is a good thing.  So good, in fact, that more would be good.  But there is no more, which is probably also a good thing.


This, on the other hand, is not a good thing.  My wife, in pain all day and all night.  Something is destroying her ribs.  Be it baby unmercifully kicking her in some important organ, or be it muscle strain/pain from funny sleeping, she is in a bad way, and not wanting her picture to be take more than ever.


We went to the doctor two days ago.  He told us that our baby is pretty much ready to rock, by Japanese standards at least.  They seem to discount the gaijin blood that naturally makes babies giant here.  But he was pretty straight forward about saying that if our baby was born tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a problem.  So while we still have a month left in terms of our due date, it seems that any time is cool from now on.  Our baby is big by Japanese standards, so that alarms the doctors to some extent.  They never seem to factor in the big (relatively speaking) foreigner sitting in the room, whose genes are a significant part of these giant babies.  I don’t quite get that.

Chieko and I had a lengthy, at time slightly heated conversation this evening.  Our roles have changed in an unexpectedly way since she went on maternity leave.  When we worked together for the last three years we pretty much did the same thing when we got home at night, i.e. chill out.  Now that one of us is working and one is at home all day, things are most certainly different.  Confronting our differing expectations is probably  a very minor introduction to ho wild thing are going to get once there’s a baby involved.

Everyone (that we know) says they had a lot of fights after the baby was born.  I want to avoid that.  Of course things are going to be stressful as all hell, but neither of us can anticipate all of those elements.  Frustration will most definitely be involved, but talking things out is the key to keeping that from evolving into hostility and anger.  Easier said than done?  Probably.

Edit:  I’ll remove the unnecessary profanity that I had originally written here, but leave the random picture of our messy countertop.  I don’t think what I had originally written made much sense anyway.  The wine will do that to you.



3 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. Oh, Casey. It will be okay. It is true that staying home all day makes you want to do stuff when your sweetie gets home, but you can compromise. I don’t know about your eating habits, but i recommend cooking a bunch of favorite dishes ahead and freezing them for after the baby comes. Hopefully, your friends will also bring you food and your Moms will cook. Make them clean and do laundry too and you get to do the fun stuff–hold the baby! Early on, babies sleep a lot and you can still find time to spend with Chieko. Make sure she gets to sleep as much as she wants while the baby is asleep. Much love,

  2. Thanks Patty, I know everything will be OK, but some of the more stressful elements of this monumental change are starting to creep to the surface…naturally. I’m sure we’ll figure it out though as we go along. We certainly have lots of good role models in both of our families.

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