The Rising Tide

We got a good deal of baby related things done this weekend, along with lots of sleep.  As the date of our son’s birth rapidly approaches, I’m reminded of the feeling I would get in the past when I kept putting off some project or another until the last moment, only to realize that it was far more complex than I had anticipated.  The more we get into baby preparations, the more it seems we have to do.  Part of it is that we aren’t sure exactly what we need to do.

For example, today we went to the big baby store, where they sell baby equipment of all kinds.  It’s pretty wild to be in a store where virtually everyone is either visibly pregnant or is carrying around a newborn baby.  But then we had the quandary of not knowing exactly what we need.  We’ve already received a lot of the big items from family and friends: a good car seat, a stroller, lots and lots of clothes, a baby tub, and Red Sox bib and pacifier.  Yesterday we picked up a crib for free as well.  Our town’s city hall has a service that allows people to call and register baby-related items that they no longer need and are willing to give away.

So we ended up leaving the store with an odd assortment of things: a pack of diapers, baby Q-tips, baby nail clippers, a pair of socks, some soap.  It seems we have no idea what we’re doing.  I also think that it’s difficult to know what we need without having done this before, and once the show gets on the road, necessities will be painfully obvious and I’ll be rushing off to the baby shop for something we should have realized we would need well ahead of time.  But if nothing else, our baby will be clothed, fed, clean, and have beautiful nails and clean ears.

We also stopped by the home center to look at some storage apparatus to keep our baby’s clothes and other odds and ends in.  Of course, upon assessing our options, we realized we didn’t know how much stuff we actually had, and thus how much storage we need.  This is the way it tends to go with Chieko and I.  We set out with good intentions but don’t always get things done the way we plan.

Speaking of my lovely wife, she’s had a very crappy few days with the previously mentioned severe rib pain continuing.  She can hardly sleep at all, walking is a chore, and even things like laughing and yawning cause her a lot of discomfort.  After reading around online it seems this is a pretty common symptom, and Chieko is hoping it doesn’t last for the duration of her pregnancy.  Right now she’s having a nice long soak in the tub, so hopefully that will help.

On our way to consumer paradise today, we stopped by the beach, which I prefer much more than hoards of people.  There was a high wave warning in effect and it was well deserved.  The wind was blowing pretty good but it rained a lot overnight and this morning, so the sand was wet and thus not blowing all over the place.  I love taking pictures of the ocean when it’s got bit of ire to it.  I’m also always amazed at how much the sea changes here between the summer and the winter.  There are hardly any waves here in the summer months, but come winter and it’s nothing but dramatic light and big, muddy waves.







Back to work tomorrow.  Four day week though, and four day weekend coming up, which means a four day week next week as well.  And then it’ll be about time to have a baby.  Good stuff.  I have notions of getting up early and watching the Patriot’s game in the morning, which starts around 5 a.m. here.  We’ll see how enthusiastic I am when the alarm clock goes off.  Have a lovely Sunday.


3 thoughts on “The Rising Tide

  1. Honestly, you don’t need much…but keep on hand desitin or some kind of rash preventer…our pediatrician gave us a homemade recipe that works wonders. We also needed mylicon drops because of our gassy boys…so I always had one of those “Johnson and Johnson” baby first aid medicine kits. I don’t know what kind of after care Japan offers for the moms…but you may want to ask around…I don’t want to give “too much information” so let me know if you want more specifics…Good luck!

  2. Yes, I agree, love and holding. Diapers for sure, probably some onesies or something to wear around the house. Our modern culture tends to “consumerize” everything.

    The waves are awesome. Amelia has some from Spain on her blog too:

  3. thanks for the advice laura and patty…i’m sure i’ll be soliciting more on here in the future…will head on over to amelia’s blog now!

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