Choppin’ Broccoli

We had a lovely evening yesterday with some friends and their two-year old son (a glimpse of the future perhaps), featuring lots of yummy food and grog.  I submit that the half bottle of wine after our guests left last night was overkill.  The beer or two after that was just plain silly.  And so it was that after a hazy series of cell phone emails sent from my bed rearranged today’s Japanese lesson, and the downing of several large glasses of water and some aspirin, my pounding head and I drifted back to sleep for a few more hours.

When I was eventually mobile at some point this afternoon, I hopped on the bicycle to go take some pictures.  I had gone for a run yesterday and the scene below struck me as a particularly autumnal, so I made a mental note to get back in the near future to capture it in digital form.


I had hoped to get right down to the waterline to capture the sense of being in a tunnel that the overhanging reeds create, but hadn’t realized during my run just how steep the sides are.  Still not firing on all cylinders physically, I at least had the mental prowess to easily picture myself ending up in the water if I tried to get low.  So I stuck to the safety of the bridge, and will leave you to imagine the tunnel effect for yourselves.

After that I spent time aimlessly cycling around the broccoli fields and probably weirding out the several old people who were busy harvesting it.  Now that the rice harvest has wrapped up, attention has turned to winter vegetables.  I don’t know what the farmers here are doing differently than me, but their broccoli is a hell of a lot bigger than my meager plants.  I’m guessing more sun and better soil.  It looks like pretty tedious, if not back-breaking work.



There are piles of discarded broccoli pieces at the end of the fields which are pretty stinky.  I noticed they are also throwing these and other veggie scraps into the rice paddies to decompose.


Broccoli cat knows where you are.


My own garden is pretty much kaput.  There are still quite a few habaneros which I’m hoping will ripen up before it gets too cold (though it’s not bad yet).  I ripped out the green pepper plants last weekend because they were not really producing much; the peppers seemed to rot on the vine before they got big enough to eat.  I planted some red onion sprouts where the green peppers had been.  Tomatoes are pretty much done as well, and while my eggplants are still growing, they seem to split open before they are big enough to eat.  So, some issues to deal with…next year.  I’ve been keeping track of how much produce we’ve grown, and am in a very geeky way looking forward to tallying up the results.

So there’s your dose of excitement from my life.  Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend.


2 thoughts on “Choppin’ Broccoli

  1. I’m really looking forward to planting habaneros next year. We moved into our new place in July and since we got started really late in the growing season and had some unfortunate timing with a week out of town and an early typhoon, we got royally hosed for the whole season on everything except baby leaf. Hananeros, next year!

  2. they’re really easy to grow, and are actually still ripening even though it’s cold and generally not that sunny nowadays…i dried the majority of them since you can only eat so many habaneros at once, and that seems to have worked pretty well…

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