Blue Skies & Baby Doctors

Today’s visit to the doctor was uneventful but good.  We didn’t get any cool 3-D pictures, but all is well with the baby and with Chieko.

It was a beautiful, warm day, so when we got home we took a long walk — almost 2 hours.  We ambled through the broccoli fields, then the rice paddies, and eventually up the side of the levee for a look at the river.  We got home just as the sun set, so the time was good and Chieko felt great for having walked so far.  The doctor encouraged her to try and move around as much as possible, so for today at least she more than succeeded.

I found myself gazing up at the clear blue skies quite a bit today, which meant I found myself looking at wires a lot.  If you are anywhere residential in Japan, your sky is bound to be strewn with wires.  They don’t always look horrible though.  Blue skies help.



We passed through this small garden, sandwiched between two rice paddies.  It’s another very typical image of autumn in Japan:  the persimmon tree full of fruit, long leek stalks spiking into the air, along with some other fall/winter veggies (cabbage, daikon radish).  The levee is in the background, and the low mountains are on the other side of the river.


The one feature I miss from Blogger is the ability to customize the background color of your blog.  I really hate having a white background with some of these pictures, but choosing a new theme (as they call them in WordPress) is also a bit of a pain because links and other things I have in the sidebar don’t seem to transfer exactly from one theme to another.  Maybe I’ll play around with it at some point.  I’m sure if I hacked the code I could tweak the background, but that’s beyond both my ability and level of dissatisfaction.

And there you have it, another wonderful day in the books.


2 thoughts on “Blue Skies & Baby Doctors

  1. Yeah that seems to be pretty common practice in the states…everything is buried at my parent’s too…they have not embraced the idea here for some reason…

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