Although it can be hectic at times, in the end I’m grateful that people come to visit us and help out things around the house.  Had I known that having a baby would get people crawling out the woodwork to cook our meals and clean our house, I might have acted sooner.

This weekend Ray got to meet his 3 cousins, who came to visit from the other side of Japan.  They were only here for a night, but there was plenty of action and energy around our house.  Ray was a bit fussy today, crying a lot.  Maybe he’s not used to all the people and noise, or maybe he’s just more alert and irritable than he was before.

After our guests left, Chieko and I both promptly passed out.  I was under the kotatsu, Ray was sleeping on the couch, and Chieko was in the bed.  When I woke up a while later, quite hot from the kotatsu, it had started raining.  I went to the gym, then picked Cheiko’s mom up at the train station.  We got back around 8, and I ran over to the supermarket to get some ingredients for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.  After cooking and eating, I gave Ray a bath and made my lunch for tomorrow, and now am ready to keel over where I sit.  So that’s what I’ll do now.  Good night.



My mom has been getting her daily feast of Ray via video chatting each night, but for anyone who has been jonesing this week, here is a set of pictures from Ray in the bath this week.  None of them are as cute as the picture in the last post, in my opinion, but they capture the range of emotions/trauma that Ray experiences in the bath.

I have to brag that the first time I bathed Ray he didn’t cry, and nearly fell asleep.  The second time I bathed him, he was doing great until he pooped in the water.  We rolled the dice and decided that bathing a child in his own feces is not ideal, and pulled him out for a few minutes while we refilled the bath.  He cried a fair bit then, but I would too.

Regarding the first picture, so far this is the trickiest moment of bathing for me.  Not only do I have to make sure I’m not choking the boy with my wrist, but I have to avoid dunking his face in the water while I wash his back and nether-regions.  Overall though, he seems to enjoy being in the warm water as long as he doesn’t get cold.

On technical note to myself, I think the tungsten light setting (last post) works better than the cloudy light setting (used here) on the white balance meter in the bathtub.

Chieko’s sister, her husband, and their three children are coming to visit us tomorrow, from Ibarki prefecture (north of Tokyo/far away by Japanese standards).  It won’t be the quiet weekend I am craving, but it will be great to seem them and introduce their new cousin/nephew, and I am already denying reservations for next weekend!  I might have mentioned this in my previous post, but Chieko’s parents came to visit on Tuesday.  Her father returned home on Wednesday, and her mother stayed until today.  She’ll come back on Sunday evening to continue helping out Chieko during the day.  Despite all the bad press mother-in-laws get, she’s pretty easy to have around.  She doesn’t cramp my style in the least, and I get to practice lots of Japanese.

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving.  Night.

Sorry Ray

Ray had his first bath in our house tonight.  There were parts when he nearly fell asleep, and others when he clearly wasn’t enjoying things.  Next time I’ll try my hand at bathing him and let Chieko take the pictures.

Welcome Home



Chieko and Ray were discharged this afternoon and we spent a nice afternoon relaxing.  I’m back to work tomorrow (boo hiss), so the onslaught of Ray is likely to die down a bit, at least until next weekend.  Thanks again to everyone who’s been commenting.  I know I’m only responding periodically and randomly, but Chieko and I both appreciate everyone’s thoughts.  I’m off to test the theory that once you have a baby, your nights of pleasurable and unbroken sleep are done.

Feeding Time

Ray is all about getting his suckle on now.  The most sure-fire way of getting him to stop crying/sleep/get back to being adorable is to stick a boob in his mouth and let him have at it.  Chieko is starting to get the hang of breast feeding; I’m realizing there’s a lot more to breast feeding than just sticking a boob in the kids mouth.

His feedings are immediately followed by passing out and periodically making crazy faces that involve him rolling his eyes around in his head like he’s on psychedelic drugs.

Then he passes out in bed like a seasoned professional.

I spent a few hours with Chieko and Ray at the hospital this morning, then came home to tidy up his room.  I moved all the crap that was cluttering the room into more long-term storage places, took a run, then headed back to the baby clinic for a little while.

After grabbing dinner, I’ve spent the better part of this evening getting our new printer functioning.  We bought a fancy printer/scanner/copier machine, that also has a wireless function.  The first thing I did was go online and download an English version of the manual, then set about inserting various parts and trying to get the English menu up and running.  After that I miraculously got the wireless connection established.  For some reason, despite having gone through the process several painstaking times, I keep misplacing the WEP key that I need to get devices dialed into the wireless router.  Retrieving the key involves me accessing an all Japanese website that I can’t understand, and clicking miscellaneous buttons until eventually stumbling on the right portion of the website.  This time, I dutifully wrote down several copies of the precious 15 digit number and strategically placed them in all the places I usually look when I have to hook something up to the router.

The other adventure in Japanese I had this afternoon was trying to get the child seat installed in the car.  Again, fully Japanese manual with not necessarily clear pictures.  I found a Youtube video showing how to hook it up, but I don’t think I got it quite right.  I left the manual with Chieko this evening, hoping she’ll take a look and then we can remedy whatever I’ve done before leaving the clinic tomorrow.

Chieko and Ray should be ready to check out tomorrow afternoon, after they each get a physical.  I hope it won’t be too late, since her parents are coming into town on Tuesday and I’d like to have at least an afternoon of just the three of us.

I suppose this is the eve of my new life.  Bring it on.