As Predicted

The weather got pretty chilly yesterday and into last night, so we have officially broken out the heavy blankets and kerosene heaters, stocked up on kerosene, and set up the kotatsu for the winter.  We woke up to a dusting of snow on top of the nearby mountains, which was a little surprising.  They are not very tall at all, and it didn’t seem that cold last night.  Most of the snow melted once the sun finally came out in the afternoon, and when the clouds finally lifted to revealHakusan off in the distance, it too had it’s first white coat of the year (a little earlier than last year, according to my records).


There was also a nice rainbow this afternoon.  I was very nearly ready to zonk out on the couch for a little while when this thing turned up, and I went outside to take some pictures of it and the mountain.  From what I hear, you’re never allowed to sleep again once you have a baby, so I’m not passing up these last opportunities to steal a wink here and there, or to sleep in a little later than usual.  Today is Culture Day in Japan, hence the day off.


There’s a full moon tonight (or maybe it was last night).  Chieko was thinking the cosmic conditions might spur the baby into action, but so far he seems pretty content to stay where he is.  Our next doctor’s visit is on Thursday, and I’m looking forward to it as usual.  That’s about all that’s going on here.


2 thoughts on “As Predicted

  1. It’s a full moon here, too! I understand that the labor & delivery rooms are busier when there is a full moon. I probably need to go back and read other blog entries to find out what a kotatsu is.

  2. Hi Patty,
    A kotatsu is a small table that is heated from underneath. A comforter or other blanket is draped around the sides to trap the heat, and you sit around it to stay warm in the winter. Most houses here, especially older ones, don’t have central heating. They heat one room with a kerosene heater or maybe a wall mounted a/c that also heats, and a kotatsu.
    Chieko was at the doctor (for a foot massage) today and there weren’t a lot of new babies despite the full moon.

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