No news is…

…no news.  We have no newborn babies to report yet.  Though I have to say, now that Chieko’s due date is a week away, that I’m becoming more and more consumed by the notion that my life is about to change significantly.  It’s weird because I know it’s going to be different, yet I have no idea what to expect.  For the most part, I’m finding that fact kind of cool rather than letting it freak the bejesus out of me.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to do that.

Chieko’s mom came to town today, and will be staying with us until the baby is born.  She talks really fast.  I have to be a dunce and keep asking her to repeat stuff, or just pretending that I understand, which really is a terrible habit.  But we had a nice conversation (at least from my perspective) while Chieko was in the bath.  It’s certainly an improvement from the early days of our marriage, when I would dread being left alone with either of Chieko’s parents.  We’ve all gotten a better at negotiating our way to some sort of mutual understanding of whatever the hell we’re trying to say.

Going off of no experience whatsoever, I have convinced myself that our baby is going to arrive early.  I’ve also set myself up to be tortured by having to wait should he decide to lounge in the womb past next Saturday.  Whereas a few weeks ago I was consumed by the sense that I had to get all sorts of preparation done before he is born, I’ve moved on to wanting him to be here very much.  We’ve prepared to the point that we know how.  The boy will be clothed, fed, and diapered, mucous will be suctioned out of his nose, his temperature will be taken when necessary, he has a good car seat and a stroller.  Beyond that, we have no idea what the hell we are doing.  So let’s get it on!

C’mon baby.


7 thoughts on “No news is…

  1. Mine too.

    Does he have a bed? Do Japanese babies sleep with their parents? (do you sleep on the floor?)

    The most immediate thing that will happen is you will not be sleeping as much or as well. It is your job to get up and bring the baby to Mom when he wakes up hungry in the night. Also change his diaper and sometimes try to convince him it is still time to sleep. I’ll keep you posted on what comes next. (grin)

  2. Patty, Japanese babies do usually sleep with their parents, and ours will too at first. We use a bed. Keep the advice coming!

    Thanks for thinking of us Sheryl.

  3. you forgot loved and spoiled on your list!!! when you get tired of the grandmothers please send for me – dont forget i used to be a postpartum doula if you have any concerns xox

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