Baby news first:  No baby yet.  We went to the doctor yesterday and everything is fine.  Chieko’s due date is on Saturday, and he told us to come back then if she has not had the baby yet.  He also said that if she still hasn’t delivered the baby in a week or so, we might want to consider inducing because he’s getting pretty big.  Chieko is feeling some tightness and cramping, but she’s really hoping the baby doesn’t come tomorrow because it will be Friday the 13th.  I’m just going with the flow.

While I am working, Chieko has been whiling away the days cleaning the house and going for long walks, both of which are activities I fully endorse and support.  I got home with some daylight left today and decided to take a stroll myself.  I was hoping to go with Chieko, but she was already out walking.  So her mom and I set out to meet her on her way home.  They continued back to the house while I walked a little longer.

Fall is definitely in effect here now.  The mountains around Kanazawa are mostly covered with bamboo and cedar, so there isn’t a ton of foliage.  But there are smatterings of color here and there.



Last weekend I finally ripped up what was left of the garden.  The withering stems of what was a productive summer now sits in a pile next to the house, and I’m thinking I’ll see if the old ladies out back will let me burn the next time they have a pyre going.  All that’s left are two broccoli plants, some onions and garlic that I planted last month, and the habanero plant.  It still has some peppers on it, and I was hoping they might ripen if we could steal a few sunny days.  I think it’ll probably come out this weekend though.

Tonight I tallied up the harvest from this summer.  I know this isn’t very interesting but it’s for my own reference.

Corn (6 stalks): 5 ears, most were only about half-developed; maybe plant closer next time

Green Pepper (3 plants): 93 peppers; started very slow, lots of bugs

Tomatoes (3 plants): 309; plant bigger tomatoes next time

Mini-tomatoes (2 plants): 665

Eggplant (3 plants): 70; I did something wrong–everyone had much bigger plants than me

Cucumber (2 or 3 plants): 20; something happened to these plants and they never recovered; better luck next time

Red Chili Peppers (2 plants): about 200 peppers; these were easy to grow

Habanero (1 plant): 42 peppers; didn’t seem like we got that many, but cool!

Okra (1 plant): 82, and I didn’t eat one of them; Chieko seemed to enjoy it though

Pumpkin (2 plants): 1 lousy pumpkin; our yard might be too wet for pumpkins

I think the biggest problem is that our soil totally sucks.  I’ll add some more healthy material to it in the spring, and work on a composting system that won’t bother the neighbors or attract animals  I’m hesitant to get too involved in this place, financially or otherwise, since we are only renting, but there are some things I can do on the cheap to improve the soil quality and the yield from the garden.  Until next year, I cross my fingers for onions and garlic.

That’s the rundown from here.  Tomorrow’s Friday, will there be a baby involved?


7 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, we are still getting a few peppers too. There are some great leeks waiting for me to decide how to use them. My Dad has pulled out most of the other dead and dying stuff, and planted winter rye to improve the soil. It’s pretty too.

  2. You got a good haul this year. For some reason my tomatoes and cucumbers did really badly in the summer, but those that self seeded are taking off again right now. As long as we don’t get a frost we should be eating “summer vegetables” for a while longer. Even the self seeded zucchinis are producing again. I knew there was a reason I let the last of them rot away before eventually pulling them out!
    I look forward to hearing the good news about your son’s birth and all the exciting stories that will follow!

  3. my mother always told me (especially around birthdays and holidays)
    that waiting was very character building. I always thought of her as a very wise woman. xox

  4. Patty…maybe I should consider planting something like that, our soil certainly has room for improvement…

    Jo…thanks for the comments…I imagine you have a much longer growing season than we do up here. How cold does it get in the winter? I had crappy luck with cucumbers too this year…

    Jane…whether or not it has any positive effects, we’re waiting 😉

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