What Baby?

Everyone told us, ‘The first baby is always late,’ but we were sure we’d be different.  But unless something happens very fast, we’re going to end up yet another statistic.  Today is the due day, and we have no action.  We visited the doctor this morning so he could see how things are progressing since earlier in the week, and it would seem that they aren’t.  We have to go back on Tuesday if we still have no baby, and at that point Chieko will probably have to seriously consider making a decision about inducing labor.  The doctor is being really cool about it in terms of not pressuring Chieko, assuring her that they can’t force her to do anything, but at the same time let us know how he feels about the state of our baby.

So like any other responsible mother-to-be who’s about to pass her due date, Chieko has turned to the all-knowing Internet for advice on how to get this baby in motion.  We’ve already tackled one of the suggestions by going out to eat Yakiniku (a.k.a. Korean BBQ), which is supposed to help.  The other thing Chieko will be doing is downing ample amounts of the drink you see pictured below, which is named Oronamin C.  It’s a vitamin drink that is also supposed to help achieve labor, though that’s not it’s intended purpose.


We shall see if any of these remedies work, but it’s clear the baby is on his own schedule.  Part of me hopes he will be born tomorrow since I don’t have work, and another part of me hopes he’s born during the week so I can cancel classes and get a day off of work!  Either way, we can’t wait to see our little dude for real.

Sorry this blog has taken a decidedly baby-oriented focus recently, but that’s pretty much what’s going on in my life right now.  Actually I’m not sorry at all, but I realize it might not be the most interesting reading for people other than my mother.  It’s funny how people having babies is something that’s going on around you all the time, and for me at least I never really cared that much when other people were pregnant.  I lump weddings into the same category.  I never considered the ups and downs of the process until I did it myself.  They are both totally unique, monumental life experiences that aren’t unique at all, if that makes sense.

It has been raining all day, dark and pretty miserable.  We woke up earlier than I would have liked, around 8:30, to the sound of construction on our street.  It promptly stopped about 5 minutes after waking me up.  Nice.  They’re replacing all the water lines under our neighborhood, and it’s taking a long, noisy time.  I had a Japanese lesson at the house after the doctor’s appointment but I was really tired and probably a joy to teach.  I passed out for a few hours after that, then took Chieko and her mom shopping for some craft supplies.  My gym has been closed all week, but opened back up today, so I had a good workout this evening before consuming lots of meat and beer.  And now, tucked into the kotatsu, I’m probably won’t be amongst the conscious for a whole lot longer.


7 thoughts on “What Baby?

  1. Hi Casey,

    I was overdue with Owen and had to have labor induced…which sucked…because if you need drugs to have labor induced it’s much harder to control the contractions…I needed lot’s o’ drugs. So, I drank gallons of all natural raspberry leaf tea when I was pregnant with Eamon (and my doctor “stripped my membranes”…I went into labor naturally the evening before the scheduled inducement. I was also chasing after Owen, so I think all my exercise really did help. Either way, healthy baby, heathly mama is all you want! Take good care of Chieko!


  2. I am very interested in your blog. It is the first one I read usually, if it is updated.

    Amelia was almost 2 weeks late and I went into labor the day before they were going to induce me (if I remember right). Molli was maybe 10 days late. Ray probably remembers more accurately, but they were both late. They were both big babies–9 lbs and 10, 1. With Molli I actually was scrubbing the floor of the nursery the day before. I had read something about physical labor helping bring it on. Can’t she go dig up the garden or something?

    One word of advice: write down as much as you can. You are a natural chronicler, so you probably will. I thought I would remember all the details, but now when my children ask me, “what was my first word, how old was I when..?” I can’t tell them.

  3. Laura and Patty, thanks for the comments…I have no idea what stripping membranes is, but it sounds horrible. Chieko looked for some raspberry leaf tea today but couldn’t find any…I think she’s given up home remedies and is just waiting. She’s been doing a lot cleaning, hands and knees mopping the floor, Cinderella style, and going for long walks. Unfortunately I dug up the garden a couple of weekends ago 😉 She’s gunning for the new moon tomorrow night to kick things into gear. I’ve given up speculating.

    1. Haha. I worried about putting in the comment about stripping the membranes…and I won’t even attempt to explain it…though it was painless…and it successfully induced labor. Good luck…the rest is amazing!!! And listen to Patty about writing things down. I had the best of intentions, but I don’t have any hard facts on the boys’ beginnings…

  4. Hi,
    Checking in from western Mass. awaiting the big arrival. Our first was 10 days late and the second was early and we barely got to the hospital.

    Your little one will arrive when he’s ready so I won’t add any of our home remedies to the list.

    I totally agree with writing things down. If you are like me you may also find that having a baby triggers hidden memories of your own. Sorta like déjà vu.

  5. Thanks for the comment and for reading Jeff. Forgive me for asking, but do I know you? I think I might have stumbled on your blog a while ago through a comment you left on my friend Mark’s blog. Or am I wrong?

  6. Hi Casey,
    You are correct, you know me only as a blog traveler. I think my route starting a few years back was from Sharyn’s Caleb blog to Mark’s to your old blog or perhaps there was a blog or two in between. I pop in here periodically and I think dropped a comment or two on your other blog.

    Hope all continues to be well.


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