Cloudy, Chance of Birth

Well, still no baby to report here.  We had a doctor’s appointment today, and Chieko is scheduled to be induced Thursday morning, but I think we might back out of it and wait just a little longer.  The baby is fine, he isn’t overly huge (though big by Japanese standards), and Chieko isn’t even a week overdue. It feels like we’re prematurely giving up on nature by inducing.  The doctor’s main concern seems to be that Chieko will only be making her job more difficult by letting the baby continue to grow larger inside of her, when there’s no reason he shouldn’t be getting on with his life in the outside world.  It’s a tricky decision, with potential positives and negatives to both choices.  I suppose if it were more concrete reasons to do it, then it would be much easier.

So Chieko will do some thinking and ultimately follow her heart, I’m sure.  I’m supportive of whatever she decides, though I don’t think it would hurt to wait a little longer.  I like the idea of letting nature run it’s course, within reason.  In the meantime we’ll just hope really hard that she goes into labor in the next 24 hours and saves us from having to make up our minds.

In non-baby news, there were some nice clouds yesterday afternoon.  Wow, that seems boring after talking about the baby.  But they were nice, and I realized that the winter skies have moved in, with dark, low clouds, and lots of soft light.  Good picture-taking clouds.

Part of our non-teaching duties at school is to conduct what is known as English Lounge a few time during the semester.  It’s for the more motivated students to get some practice with English outside the classroom, and usually consists of free conversation when I’m in charge.  I had English lounge a few weeks ago and definitely puked in my mouth when I walked into the room and saw this atrocity hanging on the wall.

God.  Sheryl, zip it.  Even if you are a Yankee fan, would anyone want this hideous thing hanging on their wall?  It’s about 4 feet square, and just wrong.  As someone who already has a Red Sox pacifier for our unborn son, I would love to find out who is responsible for this.  Something needs to be done.  I had English Lounge again today and remembered to bring my camera.  Gross.

And on that not, I’m thoroughly exhausted, and thoroughly in the kotatsu, which means I will most like recline this legless chair I’m in and konk out on the floor before eventually waking up with my contact lenses fused to my eyeballs, and after peeling them free finally getting into bed.  I should probably take them out now, but it’s warm in here and cold out there.


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