Feeding Time

Ray is all about getting his suckle on now.  The most sure-fire way of getting him to stop crying/sleep/get back to being adorable is to stick a boob in his mouth and let him have at it.  Chieko is starting to get the hang of breast feeding; I’m realizing there’s a lot more to breast feeding than just sticking a boob in the kids mouth.

His feedings are immediately followed by passing out and periodically making crazy faces that involve him rolling his eyes around in his head like he’s on psychedelic drugs.

Then he passes out in bed like a seasoned professional.

I spent a few hours with Chieko and Ray at the hospital this morning, then came home to tidy up his room.  I moved all the crap that was cluttering the room into more long-term storage places, took a run, then headed back to the baby clinic for a little while.

After grabbing dinner, I’ve spent the better part of this evening getting our new printer functioning.  We bought a fancy printer/scanner/copier machine, that also has a wireless function.  The first thing I did was go online and download an English version of the manual, then set about inserting various parts and trying to get the English menu up and running.  After that I miraculously got the wireless connection established.  For some reason, despite having gone through the process several painstaking times, I keep misplacing the WEP key that I need to get devices dialed into the wireless router.  Retrieving the key involves me accessing an all Japanese website that I can’t understand, and clicking miscellaneous buttons until eventually stumbling on the right portion of the website.  This time, I dutifully wrote down several copies of the precious 15 digit number and strategically placed them in all the places I usually look when I have to hook something up to the router.

The other adventure in Japanese I had this afternoon was trying to get the child seat installed in the car.  Again, fully Japanese manual with not necessarily clear pictures.  I found a Youtube video showing how to hook it up, but I don’t think I got it quite right.  I left the manual with Chieko this evening, hoping she’ll take a look and then we can remedy whatever I’ve done before leaving the clinic tomorrow.

Chieko and Ray should be ready to check out tomorrow afternoon, after they each get a physical.  I hope it won’t be too late, since her parents are coming into town on Tuesday and I’d like to have at least an afternoon of just the three of us.

I suppose this is the eve of my new life.  Bring it on.


3 thoughts on “Feeding Time

  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Boobs are amazing. Love the photo of Ray’s feet. I have an entry on my blog about my granddaughter’s feet. Baby feet are adorable and Ray’s are no exception. Love the photos of him all drunk on milk.
    I am looking forward to seeing some photos of the mama.

  2. Hey – if you want, shoot me some photos of the carseat.. and the carseat install. Do they have “latch” or “isofix” in Japan? (that would be in your car… its little medal bars in the seat bite). Do you have lap/shoulder belts or just lap belts? Do they “lock out” (pulling them all the way out – slowely – and you’ll hear them “switch” into a permanent “locked” mode so you can’t pull them out again until full retracted). Take a picture of the buckle.

    I can probably talk you through it… (since it’s what I do… lol. I volunteer as a carseat tech on the cape… but I can probably offer some suggestions)

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