My mom has been getting her daily feast of Ray via video chatting each night, but for anyone who has been jonesing this week, here is a set of pictures from Ray in the bath this week.  None of them are as cute as the picture in the last post, in my opinion, but they capture the range of emotions/trauma that Ray experiences in the bath.

I have to brag that the first time I bathed Ray he didn’t cry, and nearly fell asleep.  The second time I bathed him, he was doing great until he pooped in the water.  We rolled the dice and decided that bathing a child in his own feces is not ideal, and pulled him out for a few minutes while we refilled the bath.  He cried a fair bit then, but I would too.

Regarding the first picture, so far this is the trickiest moment of bathing for me.  Not only do I have to make sure I’m not choking the boy with my wrist, but I have to avoid dunking his face in the water while I wash his back and nether-regions.  Overall though, he seems to enjoy being in the warm water as long as he doesn’t get cold.

On technical note to myself, I think the tungsten light setting (last post) works better than the cloudy light setting (used here) on the white balance meter in the bathtub.

Chieko’s sister, her husband, and their three children are coming to visit us tomorrow, from Ibarki prefecture (north of Tokyo/far away by Japanese standards).  It won’t be the quiet weekend I am craving, but it will be great to seem them and introduce their new cousin/nephew, and I am already denying reservations for next weekend!  I might have mentioned this in my previous post, but Chieko’s parents came to visit on Tuesday.  Her father returned home on Wednesday, and her mother stayed until today.  She’ll come back on Sunday evening to continue helping out Chieko during the day.  Despite all the bad press mother-in-laws get, she’s pretty easy to have around.  She doesn’t cramp my style in the least, and I get to practice lots of Japanese.

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving.  Night.


6 thoughts on “Raisin

  1. I’m not sure how many times I almost drowned my children when they were babies. They don’t seem to be worse off for it though… perhaps it is why they like swimming now! I’m sure Ray will forgive you for any extra water that he has to suck up!

  2. thanks for the reassurance jo…i’m on a hot streak of giving ray baths without him crying…he basically falls asleep for the majority of it, and I seem to be avoiding submerging his face…so far so good

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