Although it can be hectic at times, in the end I’m grateful that people come to visit us and help out things around the house.  Had I known that having a baby would get people crawling out the woodwork to cook our meals and clean our house, I might have acted sooner.

This weekend Ray got to meet his 3 cousins, who came to visit from the other side of Japan.  They were only here for a night, but there was plenty of action and energy around our house.  Ray was a bit fussy today, crying a lot.  Maybe he’s not used to all the people and noise, or maybe he’s just more alert and irritable than he was before.

After our guests left, Chieko and I both promptly passed out.  I was under the kotatsu, Ray was sleeping on the couch, and Chieko was in the bed.  When I woke up a while later, quite hot from the kotatsu, it had started raining.  I went to the gym, then picked Cheiko’s mom up at the train station.  We got back around 8, and I ran over to the supermarket to get some ingredients for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.  After cooking and eating, I gave Ray a bath and made my lunch for tomorrow, and now am ready to keel over where I sit.  So that’s what I’ll do now.  Good night.


6 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. laurie, it has two ears…i think it’s supposed to be a rabbit or mouse…i think my mom sent it to us, though we’ve received so many clothes i’m losing track of what came from where…

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