Tres Ray

Today Chieko’s sister, her family, and Chieko’s parents came by with a rolling feast. It was an action-packed 3 hours full of food, Christmas presents, Ray-coddling, and general happiness. After that my father and I went for a run, and then my mother and I went out and did some shopping for our holiday party tomorrow.

In between everything, cute pictures of Ray were taken.

Chieko always balks when I want to post pictures of her on the blog, and I respect that. But I don’t think I’ve posted many, if any, of her and Ray. So after some begging and promising of future actions, I was cleared to post this one. And she looks beautiful, so I don’t know what all the fuss is about.


And here’s Ray, paralyzed but more or less satisfied inside the sweater my mom made for him.


And now, bask in the cheese that will become our New Year’s card (Nengajyou in Japanese).


As mentioned, we’re having a party tomorrow. I have no idea how many people are coming, but hopefully enough to make it a party, right? We’ve also got a bunch of snow on the way, so even though it was a wet/rainy/working Christmas, New Year’s eve and day are looking better.

Should this be the last post of 2009, have a happy and safe New Year. It’s been a good year.


After a leisurely morning it was time to get my parents out of the house and give my wife a few hours of piece and quiet, so it was off to the beach. The waves were rolling in, thundering against the tetrapod erosion barriers. There was no wind which was nice, and I was a little surprised that no surfers were taking advantage of the conditions. The water was pretty choppy and the waves were breaking a little ways out, but I’ve seen people out in hairier conditions here before.







My dad arrived without incident last night, which means it’s time for the grandfather blog post. So here’s Chieko’s dad holding Ray when he was about a week old, and my dad holding him yesterday (6 weeks, 1 day).



Merry Christmas

This day was a bit of a dog to get through.  I’m grateful that I was busy since I didn’t have a lot of idle time to sit around counting the minutes until I was done with work, and hence on vacation.  But the combination of Friday, Christmas, and the last day before vacation gave me a single-mindedness to just power through pretty much everything I had to do today, work related or not.  I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

I came home after work and cajoled Chieko into bringing herself and Ray to a Christmas party tonight.  It was his first exposure to a larger crowd with lots of noise and stimulation, and he fared well being passed around from one doting woman to the next.  He’s passed out on the couch now, still snuggled up in his winter outfit.

The indoctrination if fully underway.  Ray has seen his first few Patriots’ games, and thanks to Santa he’s got Boston Red Sox seeping into his brain as we speak.  He likes it.


Merry Christmas, whatever that means to you, to everyone everywhere.  Hope it’s all good.

Ho Ho Ho

Apologies for the days of Rayless silence around here. I had a busy few days at work, and then a day off yesterday for the emperor’s birthday. I took a drive down to the beach in hopes of getting some good pictures, but there was nothing doing that grabbed my attention.

So it’s Christmas Eve, and it feels like just another day here. Our living room is a little bastion of Christmas spirit, but having to work in the morning puts a damper on things. And to boot, Friday is my busiest day. And on top of that, I have to lead the English conversation circle after all of my classes, which means I get to stare at that hideous Yankees tapestry again.

But when that’s all done and over with, I’ll be on vacation until January 7. Happy.

Ray has also been in a great mood this evening. We had a nice long nap together this evening, and he’s just been cooing and smiling the night away since. Not sure that bodes well for him sleeping much tonight, but we’re enjoying the happy baby while we can.


My dad is coming into town on Saturday. Chieko’s parents and her sister and her family will be here on Monday for a night. Next Wednesday we’re having a party. I’m sure there will be time to relax in there somewhere.

One more day.