If he doesn’t promptly pass out, Ray’s always gets really animated after he eats.  In this case, it was just after he had dinner, and just before he puked it all back up.

My run of giving Ray baths without him crying at all ended during tonight’s bathing session, some of which were the direct result of me finally/inevitably dunking his face into the water while I was washing his back.

We went the city hall this afternoon and officially registered Ray as a Japanese citizen.  Next we’re going to pursue changing his last name to mine, and then his U.S. citizenship.  Paperwork!

Ray also got to see his first Patriots’ football game today, which was a stinker versus the Saints.  Hopefully he’s not a bad omen.  At any rate, the indoctrination into Boston sports has begun.

Ray will be 2 weeks old tomorrow.  So far so good.


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