Back to Form

After ‘the dunking’ the other night, which resulted in a rather traumatic bathing experience for young Ray, I have had two consecutive tearless baths.  I seemed to have the magic touch this evening, as Ray passed out for the majority of the cleaning, and even went without his usual post-bath meal in favor of sleeping a while longer.

But getting out of the bath and into clean clothes generally involves Ray losing it for a little while, no matter how catatonic he is in the water.

He usually settles down pretty quickly once the clothes start coming on, which is faster now that we no longer have an umbilical cord to de-gunktify and sanitize.

I’m not sure if it’s a Japanese thing, but the nurses taught Chieko, and by default me, to drape a thin cloth over Ray’s body while we are washing him.  It keeps whatever portion of his body that isn’t under water from getting cold, I guess.  So in case you are wondering what that is in the first picture, there’s your explanation.

Ray had another doctor’s appointment today.  I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but when he went for his first check-up on Monday they were a little concerned that he wasn’t gaining weight fast enough.  So he and Chieko went back today, and they determined that he probably isn’t getting enough milk.  He usually falls asleep while feeding, which led us to believe he was full.  In reality he’s probably just tired, so the nurses tried to help out Chieko with her breast-feeding technique, and encouraged her to wake Ray up and keep him feeding.

I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by.  Tomorrow is Friday, and I welcome it.  Good night.


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