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Chieko and I are somewhat inexplicably avoiding using a pacifier aside from extreme situations, none of which we’ve encountered yet.  I pondered how well I had washed my hands once Ray was firmly, blissfully attached to my finger this evening.  I think we’re OK.


7 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. with both our kids we never used a pacifier but often used your substitute, the occasional bent finger knuckle- whatever does the trick. Glad to see Ray is looking great and you are all adjusting well.

  2. He will probably find his finger or thumb. some people prefer a pacifier, because then you can wean him from it. He always has his own hand, which can be good or bad, depending on how you feel about thumb-sucking 8 year olds.

  3. thanks for the encouragement jeff…patty, we’ve got no set plan so we’ll see how it goes…not totally opposed to pacifiers…my mother is obviously quite the advocate for them 😉 and it would be a shame to not to put his red sox pacifier to good use…

  4. we LOVE passies (or dobbies as the twins called them with their twin language) all 5 of ours used them, 4 of 5 of ours sucked their thumbs, 3 of them still do and no ortho work thus far has been needed 🙂 the older two have perfectly straight teeth ! I am never convinced that passies or thumb sucking cause any mouth damage though dentists always try to convince me otherwise –

    avalon also used to scream in the carseat in the car ug.. from the second we would buckle her till the time we would unbuckle her she would scream – no matter if we were in the car for 10 min or 5 hours – she screamed – stressful days indeed!!

    soon you will all find the things that work best for you and you’ll continue on your journey – bottom line is always do what feels right to you and never base that on what worked or didn’t for others – your family is unique and you will be less stressed and have more joy if you go with the flow and with your instincts, in the end this journey of parenting is about the blissful moments – the memories and the time you spend together 🙂 make every one of them count

    enjoy every min. of it 🙂

  5. Hey man, thanks for the comment. Think I lost your site when first my computer crashed and then when I switched over to Win 7. Anyway, I’m back. Great to see that your boy is doing well, lots of pics, good looking kid! It’s good to finally know one person who had a boy, girls are dropping out all around me! My family too, almost nothing but girls. You can be my guinea pig.

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