Ray had lots of visitors today.  A gaggle of friends/coworkers came over this afternoon to visit for a little while, and it was the quite a Ray love fest.

Of course, I’m psyched to show off our cute new baby to anyone  I encounter, but I think we might need to do it in smaller numbers in the future.  Ray was noticeably fussy for the rest of the afternoon and evening, similar to the way he was last weekend after his cousins, aunt, and uncle left after a very energy-filled day and a half.

It was a bit of a rough day all around for him.  We went to the doctor’s this morning so they could check his weightt and help out Chieko with breast feeding.  The good news is that he’s starting to pack on the grams now; the bad is that he cried all the way to and from the baby clinic.  He was generally pretty chill while all the ladies were here, but after they left he was not the most cuddle-able baby on the planet.  He had a pretty miserable time in the bath as well, to my chagrin.

We have a quiet day planned tomorrow, so hopefully Ray will resume his cute, non-spazzy ways!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.


4 thoughts on “Fawn

  1. Saw a baby out yesterday, maybe about the same age. It was pretty cold and I thought I would not have brought him out, at least not for an outdoor crafts fair.

  2. Yeah I saw some really tiny babies out in crowded, germ-filled places over the weekend too. We’re not really taking Ray out anywhere yet. Paranoid?

  3. also checked out one of your songs today (song for chieko), good stuff. Sorry this comment is in this post, can’t find a regular mail address or I’d send it there.

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