Last weekend was a long time coming.  Actually, it came rather quickly, but with much anticipation of getting each day done as quickly as possible so I could get home and see my boy and my wife.  Saturday was a little busy, but Sunday was great.  It was the first day that I’ve been able to hang out all day with no plans, no visitors, no nothing, and just chill out with Ray.

This week, though early, is going better.  I’m feeling less stressed out baby-wise, and finding it easier to focus on my classes.

Although I had no obligation to leave the house on Sunday, and it was  crappy day weather-wise, I took a drive down to the beach in the afternoon.  There was a high-wave warning, and I’m always keen to see a riled up ocean.

I took a lot of pictures, though none of them turned out that great.  Here’s one of the ocean coming to get me.

I took Chieko’s mom down to the train station this evening.  She’s helped us out for nearly a month now, and we have a few days on our own until my mother arrives on Saturday to take over.

Ray is doing well, getting bigger and more fussy.  But he’s also getting more animated and aware of his surroundings, except after he eats, and it’s lights out.


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