Like A Light

I sleep damn well every night, but I don’t think I achieve this level of contentedness.  We should all be so sated on milk and love.

My mother arrives tomorrow evening, and there’s someone here she wants to see even more than me!


7 thoughts on “Like A Light

  1. I had dinner with your mom, dad and Jesse last night, she was so excited. She’s probably conked out on the plane right now, I don’t think she got much sleep last night. Have a great visit, I hope to go next time. Love, Laurie

  2. Hi Casey, your mom has gone nuts over that baby. I asked her if she had told you and Chieko that she would be giving you two absolutly no attention while she was there. I might add that you need to look in her luggage before she leaves. She has gone wacko, but that child of yours could not have a better grandmother. Hope to see you, chieko and ray soon.

  3. Casey, I have an idea how the war in Afghanistan can end. Take baby Ray to Chieko’s parents house and tell your mother that Bin Laden and al-Qaeda kidnapped him. She will do in one week what George W. could’nt do in eight years.

  4. thanks martha….

    laurie, we’d love to have you any time…we’ll see you in march at any rate though…

    ed, i’m not expecting much attention from her, at least for the first week or so…her luggage will be checked thoroughly before she leaves for the airport as well 😉 will consider your plan for afghanistan…you’re always welcome to come visit if you can get someone to watch you puppies…or maybe on the cape in march?

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