Grandmotherly Love

Between Chieko’s mom staying with us for a few weeks, and now my mom being here, Ray is getting all kinds of affection.

Ray will be a month old tomorrow.  Already?

Other than doting over our adorable little boy, life has been uneventful.  One of these days I’ll make a non-baby post.  One of these days.


21 thoughts on “Grandmotherly Love

  1. My mother came when my daughter was about 1 month old. It was perfect timing for us. Things had settled down and it was great to have some extra help and conversation. Enjoy your time together – they grow up too fast… or perhaps not fast enough – the jury is still out on that one!

  2. with Ray being a month old now, I was wondering if you did/will do a circumcision? I’m not a religious person, but I’m very much pro-circumcision. I asked the wife about it, and even talked to a pediatrician today at work, and noone seems to know much about it here. anything you’ve found out about it by chance?

    p.s. sorry for bringing this up here Ray!

    1. we’re keeping ray all natural in that department…i have no strong feelings either way regarding circumcision, and my wife was bit weary of doing it, so we decided not to do it…but it wasn’t a huge issue for us…i remember seeing an ad in a magazine a while back about adult circumcision in japan, so ray’s always got the option!

      1. ha! thinkn he’d prefer to have it done now, probably wouldn’t want to remember it… anyway, thanks for the tip, ha!

  3. Casey, why did you take down some of the pictures of your mom? I bet she asked you to, didn’t she? Arg. Hi Chieko, Devin, Auntie B., Baby Ray! Merry Christmas, etc..


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